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Common Signs Seniors at Home Need Personal Care


Do you notice changes in your seniors’ daily routine? Are they often confused and experience difficulty in managing medications or following a physician’s orders? Perhaps, it is time to consider home care services. Home care will provide the care and assistance that your loved ones need. But, how do you know when should home care begin? Check out these signs below.

  • An unkempt home.

    When the home is always in a disorganized and cluttered state, this may be a red flag that seniors need additional care at home. Are there dirty dishes in the sink, unfolded laundry, or garbage piled up for days in the trash can. A cluttered home could also be unsafe for your seniors at home.

  • A decline in personal hygiene.

    Did the senior’s appearance and body odor change? Do they neglect hygiene like showering, brushing their teeth, and combing their hair? It could be a sign of a decline in their hygiene. But, do not fret. A caregiver in Atlanta, Georgia, provides the care and assistance that your loved ones need.

  • Alarming changes in weight.

    Are your senior loved ones becoming picky eaters? Are they losing so much weight? It could be a sign that they could benefit from a personal care assistant. A caregiver can help them with meal preparation and be there for them when they need companions who can assist them at home.

A Plus Caregiver Services LLC provides home care in Atlanta, Georgia, including homemaker, companionship, personal care, and respite care services. You can trust our trained professionals in keeping your loved ones safe while boosting wellness and independence. For more information about our services, please get in touch with us at 678-649-3600.

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