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Discussing Home Care Services with Your Seniors


We commonly hear from adults how they struggle to “convince” their elderly parents to get assistance. One explanation is that by acknowledging the need for help, a person recognizes their inadequacies and limits. This mindset creates terrible feelings for the person who needs care at home and the family member or loved one who initiated the conversation.

The worry of hurting our loved ones can be a considerable impediment to discussing home care in Atlanta, Georgia, with them. But this does not have to be the case.

Make the conversation an opportunity to obtain assistance with tasks such as housekeeping or grocery shopping. These are simple ways of introducing assistance into the family. It doesn’t scream “senior care services” or acknowledge a need for assistance. Short-term or task-based assistance may appear to be less of a commitment. Your parents become accustomed to having help and can more readily trust the person to accomplish more.

When you begin discussing hiring a caregiver, your parent will most likely express worries. You must listen to them and express your understanding of their problems. Prepare to discuss each concern and try to develop a solution or approach to make them feel better and put their minds at peace.

Try your hardest to see things from their perspective. Your parent has been the caregiver until now, but there is a reversal of roles. You are now the one caring for them. Most parents may feel embarrassed, frustrated, and opposed to the thought of hiring a caregiver in Atlanta, Georgia.

Give them a chance to speak up to encourage their engagement.

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