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Help-Avoidance in Seniors: A Better Understanding


People’s quality of life may be compromised as they age, making care at home necessary. At A Plus Caregiver Services LLC, we also acknowledge that one of the barriers to providing care is the outright refusal of assistance. That said, we encourage greater understanding toward seniors so that the negative notions they have about seeking help may be positively addressed.

The psychological reasons for declining care have been identified by gerontological studies:

  • Pre-Existing Psychiatric Disorders

    Mental health issues, including depression and anxiety, are more common in the elderly. As a result, they may have a pessimistic attitude toward life and treatment advantages.

  • The Ignorance of Need

    When it comes to sickness, denial is a common reaction. As a result, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most prevalent responses to new needs brought on by age. Receiving home care in Atlanta, Georgia may be seen as disempowering or a sign of weakness by your elderly loved ones.

  • Insisting that Certain Conditions Are “Natural Part” of Growing Older

    Seniors may assume their circumstances are “normal” and consequently resist help from others. This rejection might range from a refusal to make lifestyle adjustments to outright denial of medical treatment.

Understanding why seniors may refuse help is critical to providing them with the personal care services they require. Understanding them and being open to their concerns will help them open up to receiving help.

Allow us to serve your elderly loved ones in the best possible way once they are ready and willing to accept aid. Consider the help of a caregiver in Atlanta, Georgia. Send us a message now!

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