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Senior Safety: Top Tips to Prevent Falls at Home


Falling is one of the major causes of injuries and hospitalizations in seniors. Because of the changes in their physical capacities (due to aging), they are prone to falls even at home. So, here are some tips to help reduce your risk of falls:

Make use of safety devices that can provide added support. Buy a crane or walker if you struggle with maintaining your balance while walking. You should also purchase and install grab bars and handrails in your bathroom.

Never be stingy when it comes to lighting. Make sure there is enough or more all around the house. That can help you see better and avoid any tripping hazards. On a similar note, have a doctor check your eyesight regularly for the same reason.

Speaking of tripping hazards, get rid of any clutter on the floor. Consider tucking away cables or wires from high foot traffic areas. When you spill a drink, wipe them immediately. Throw candy wrappers properly away.

Aside from the modifications and adjustments, don’t forget to take care of your health. Exercise regularly to improve your strength and balance. You should also eat more healthy foods, get enough quality sleep, and reduce alcohol intake.

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