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Why Should Seniors Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle?

Why Should Seniors Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle?

Many seniors skip exercise because they lack the time or motivation to do so. Some seniors, however, are simply sedentary by nature. Sedentary seniors are less likely to get the prescribed 150 minutes of activity per week, and they are also more prone to sit in one posture for several hours. There are numerous health hazards associated with inactivity. A Plus Caregiver Services LLC‘s skilled home care specialists share a few reasons why older persons should avoid being sedentary.

  • Improve Emotional Well-being Too much sitting is harmful to the body and can also harm emotional well-being. If elders feel that their lack of activity is causing them to become isolated, they should try to supplement their social calendar and exercise regimen.
  • Prevent Skeletal Problems Sedentism causes an unnatural bend in the spine, and a lack of weight-bearing activity weakens the bones. Thus, seniors are more prone to fractures. Seniors who need assistance becoming active and staying active should seek professional home care in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Prevent Future Disability Sedentary lifestyles make seniors more prone to become physically impaired later in life. If a senior adult sits in the same position for more than 30 minutes, they should get up, stretch, and walk around the house.
  • Reduce Obesity Risk Although elderly persons become less active, they continue to consume similar calorie counts. Being inactive and overweight promotes diabetes, increased cholesterol, and triglyceride levels; such factors contribute to cardiovascular disease.

Hiring a caregiver in Atlanta, Georgia, will not only provide care at home for your seniors; it may also provide stimulating activities to keep your elderly loved ones physically and cognitively engaged.

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