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Improving Medication Compliance at Home


Medications can get complicated as the patient situation gets more complex. For example, a homebound patient may be suffering from a health condition while also managing the pain from different symptoms. Sometimes, a senior parent may need to take different medications for each illness. The instructions are also different for each medicine and in this complexity, how would your patient or the family keep track of everything?

When you are experiencing difficulty with medications, our Home Care in Atlanta, Georgia can provide the solutions you need.

Improving your loved one’s medication compliance starts with effective medication management.

Our Caregiver in Atlanta, Georgia can help you create, maintain, and update a medication journal where everything can be written down for references and tracking. This can also be done digitally or using actual notebooks. Either way, the storing of information will be a huge help later on.

We also observe dosage intake and medication schedules. Our care providers can gently remind the patient to take which meds are needed when. Patients can do it by themselves or tell us to prepare the meds and we will honor those wishes.

Another important aspect to manage is in managing the supplies. Your loved one will avoid running out of important medication or supplies because our caregivers monitor and proactively ensure you have enough.

Your loved one deserves quality Care at Home. Call A Plus Caregiver Services LLC to achieve excellent care.

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